Sloppy Reflections on Sikora’s Telegraph Piece on Cancer Treatment

(photo courtesy of Michelle Dennis We live in an age of Cyberpunk Science Fiction like medical technology, in which the exploration of the human body and its pathologies have taken quantum leaps forward. Adn yet the not to be conquered barrier of physical death, that “undiscovered country” remains. Cancer, increasingly and tragically common, and horrific on all levels -God preserve us – remains a spectre and wraith with fierce intense wrath.

In September 27th’s online edition of the Telegraph Karol Sikora penned an article titled “The big C: cancer treatment is increasingly unaffordable” – I found it well worded and challenging but distasteful on a deeper level. I’ll admit she makes challenging points – on rising Oncology drug costs and the general tendency of cancer treatments taking massive financial and emotional tolls on people. She questions whether or not, in spite of the Miracles increasingly performed, we must move beyond “fighting over expensive drugs” adding only a “few months” to lives, because the collective costs of treatment are becoming prohibitive.

There is a coherence to her line of questions, I won’t deny that she kinda makes sense – but I detect a subtext, lying beneath, which is simply a thinly disguised argument for euthanasia being a more cost effective solution for working and middle class cancer patients. It’s, I think, basically a dignified tidy and nice way of articulating a eugenic solution…

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