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A heads up guys,

I’ve got some good thinkers and writers willing to contribute a guest post or two to Kali-Yuga, thought provoking stuff, that I may or may not agree with in full, that you may or may not agree with in full, but that should at least give you something to think about.

Until then, cheers 😉

Dudes, Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes – Part 1

The dirty secret of memetics is this – memetics can and usually does trump genetics.

I will explain this shortly. National and racial myths of all types would be amusing if they didn’t lead to either loss of life or loss of potential, human potential, and human productivity. All civilization, West and East, North and South, depends on correct understanding of how fragile the project of civilization is, how dependent on the inspirations on other unlike people and the few, very few, among one’s own people who seem to carry things for others.

And on the other hand, on the practical mass of ordinary folk, with ordinary concerns, who keep things running.

Thus lies the death of afrocentricm and eurocentricism alike.  In a world in which massive amounts of information (though not necessarily knowledge per se, or wisdom) are available at the touch of a finger, partisan communalist lies, however well intentioned (or not) become more transparent. History is more complex, and civilization has more dependency points and contributing factors, than most want to admit.

The achievements, both good and bad, of all civilizations should be acknowledged. Neither should be minimized. The glories and accomplishments of the West are multiple. Honestly any idiot can see that running water good civic infrastructure and bridges that do not collapse, not to mention the ability to get things done without absurd amounts of Baksheesh are positive contributions to human welfare. The idea of exceptionalism, however, becomes idiotic when one looks at the history of all races involved in human civilization on a very long time-frame. Everyone has been an illiterate raw fat chewing savage living in squat like huts, however one wishes to glorify and romanticize things.

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