Quotes of the day 10/7/2009

Quote 1.
“You’ve confused equality of opportunity for equality of outcomes, and have seriously confused justice with equality.”
– The Woodchuck, on the dc-stuff list

Quote 2.

“Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.”
– Mignon McLaughlin

Quotes of the day 10/6/2009

Quote 1:
“There are no gentlemen anymore, because their are no more ladies. “
– Keoni Galt at the Hawaiian Libertarian Blog

Ok this that one had me in stitches, because it is so very true… after all, the one is predicated on the other, and vice versa.

Quote 2:
“”Most people are merciless sadists. Only cowardice tempers their
behavior. Never trust a coward, and never “empower” one. Weaken them

— The Woodchuck, on the dc-stuff list.

Knowing what you really want and need. On forms, names, and teaching

Quoth Rumi: “Pass from names and look at qualities
So that the qualities may show the way to the essence
The differences of people came about from names
When the inner meaning is reached, then peace descends”

Dar guzar az nam wa binigar dar sifat /ta sifatat rah numayad sue dhat
ikhtilaf-i khalq az nam uftad  / chun ba ma’ana raft aram uftad.

In other words, our differing with each other, and contentions on various things, are usually not the result of the actual differences in
things – in and of themselves.

Rather we differ in the names of these things, that is to say in our their conceptions of these things. In what our thoughts are of such and such, in the significance that you and I attach to something – independently to that things’ real virtues and merits.

To put it another way: we bicker over meaningless shit over which we probably already agree on, en principle, because in our minds we have erected many ideas about these things that have NOTHING to do with how they really are, and everything to do with how these things affect us. Emotionally and otherwise.

There is something very useful in this.  Sometimes people need the names to be as narrow as they are, sort of  as a filter. This is to filter our experiences and give us focus. The real damage lies when our filters cause us needless disagreements that veil the real truth from our eyes.


Idries Shah, as always rather perceptive in his wit, once wrote: “The names, the external formulations, including labels, are there to enable one to pass from them into reality, into the essence.

As soon as the “names” , the different external forms, become a matter of comparison, dissension descends. This is why Ibn Arabi says that the teacher must maintaion to his students that his path is the only way. Since… you and I are not comparative topographers (map makers) but people who, say, want to go from A to B, miscellaneous studies in the various routes and even in whether they are routes at all can not take place…”

So, you and I have a place to go, and we depart from here to get there. It shouldn’t concern us much, the destination of our neighbor. In short – let us mind our own business, and mind it well.

Shah continues:
“(a) teacher’s duty is to have what the learner needs, no more no less… but we should remember that people tend to get… (what) they deserve. If there were less receivers of stolen goods, there would be fewer thieves. If there were no greedy people there would be no con-men. If you want something re-wrapped, you will get a difference only in the wrapping…”

So often in our lives, we tend to be our own undoing, by simply not paying attention to what is in front of us and letting our attention stray to things that do not even concern us.

Curiosity is good, but curiosity is simply a tool to get us what we want and need. Sure, like J.R. Tolken says, “not all who wander are lost.” but, likewise, there are a whole lotta lost folks wandering around with maps in their hands that they don’t even bother reading…

Frequently myself included.
We should strive to change this situation.

Hagbeard Celine once said: “Don’t whistle while you piss”

Be present where you are, when you are, be a “child of your moment” as the Dervishes are so oft fond of saying.