Day Care Nursery Workers, Child Rape, and the Continual Mediocre Slouching of Western Civilization

1. This is a child rapist. Friendly and maternal, though rotund, looking thing. Is she not?
another child rapist

I can be accused of sentimentalism and ranting, but I think there are some issues that we need to think about, very deeply, when it comes to the direction our society is taking today.

A wretched scandal now brews in England. I take quotes below from

“Nursery paedophile Vanessa George could spend a life of anonymity at taxpayers’ expense to protect her for vigilante attacks.

Twenty-four hours after the full extent of her sick crimes became public, the 39-year-old former classroom assistant has become a national hate figure, with internet sites calling variously for her to be killed or ‘cut to pieces’.

And on Facebook there are already more than 100 groups calling for her to be hanged or killed behind bars.

One mother, whose child she fears was abused, has said: ‘We just want to skin her and roll her in salt..”

Now, read the whole article. That these were a lot of deviant and trashy people is an understatement.

2. This is another of the child rapists working at that center. A cheeky and trashy little bitch, isn’t she?
a child molester, and trashy bint

The article’s quotes from parents were healthy responses. The sane responses of an outraged public. The responses of people who somehow, in spite of a century’s onslaught of pernicious social engineering, have still retained a sliver of a moral compass and capacity for outrage.

Needless to say, incidents like this are a reason why I have problems with institutionalized daycare. Without adequate checks institutions for children are dangerous places. A child’s primary place, at a young age,  is at home with parents.

There is a role for compassionate day care providers, child sitters, nannies, governesses, and such like. But institutional day care must always remain subordinate to the home. Since middle class Anglo-American lifestyles now place both parents in the workplace, a sensitive and caring parent has to be very clear about who he or she will trust with the most sacred charge of all, their child.

In previous days, these people at this nursery center would have been killed in public for what they did. Is this such a bad thing?

No. I think this is very sane and civilized instinct, to kill people who rape your children when you trust them with their care. I think that only moral cowardice or a misplaced progressive spirit, one that has lost all moorings and sight of what true social progress is, could object to this.

This day care center had an institutional culture of child sexual molestation. This is obviously a problem. Nor is this case isolated. Similar cases have popped up over the last 20 years.

Society’s growing need to warehouse its young children away, while parents work increasing hours, will continue to create more problems. In some ways we cannot help it, many families today need two incomes to stay afloat. But how many parents would consider sacrificing some of their personal goals and creature comforts to enable them to spend more time with their children?

Sorry, but your children are more important than your fucking mortgage. Rent. Your great-grandparents probably did. Or buy a cheap foreclosure for cash and fix it up. Or find some creative way to stay out of a 30 year $200K mortgage.

We have a a real need today, to envision new ways of aiding parents and their children, in enabling humane, and family centered child care, in the midst of the demands our decaying post-industrial economy places on us.

We have a real need today, to envision new ideals of both the working and the middle class, because the “traditional” ideals we represent are not working. Nor are they very traditional, most simply represent a rather recent involutive phase of cultural and societal decline.

We worry about the health care debate, well I argue that our society’s irresponsible attitude towards child care and the family is a far greater source of concern.

You may not like to admit it, but deep down inside you know it’s true.

An incident like this is the normal and expected outcome of a society whose hedonic concerns are allowed to stew past the point of any reasonable restraint. A society that views the very notion of restraint as something old fashioned and rigid. Well of course it is, it keeps strangers from raping your young children.

There is a difference between a culture that celebrates refined enjoyments of life’s pleasures, and one that is devoted to the never ceasing demands of the Id.

Back in the old days, they would have been hung in public in the West. And in the East, the Sharia would have promised a good just and socially healthy end. The Sharia’s punishment for “fahisha” is entirely appropriate in their cases. Incoherent, mostly sentimental criticisms of such traditional laws to the side, frankly such people deserve far worse than what our culture is comfortable dishing out. In the traditional codes of many past cultures, prior to the 20th century, the Sharia’s punishments for things like this would have been light and merciful.

Many of us know that something is off kilter in Western Civilization today. But we lack the larger perspective, a bigger picture,  to really look things for what they are, and more importantly for how they came to be this way.

Your society is falling into greater depths of degeneracy than any culture could reasonably be expected to withstand. Depths of rape and murder of the innocent. The Harsh traditional punishments most people object to out of a progressive spirit were various society’s survival strategies to prevent gross human selfishness and amorality from ripping apart a society’s seams. The problem is this:

We have become addicted to the worst and we lack the strength to admit this.

No we are not child rapists and molesters, these people who by their own actions make themselves into the most vile and contemptible of scum, but we enable a cultural attitude of general sloth, get-along ease, and hedonic excess, without restraints, without realizing that most people can simply not handle certain types of personal liberties. That some people will always use the excuse of their own pleasure seeking to sickly hurt the innocent.

There is a room for compassion, I realize that anyone capable of such deviant depravity might well have experienced similar abuse in the past. This is the real tragedy, many child molesters are made, not born. In general our entire society has a nasty edge to it that grinds out the moral senses of some people, opens up some children for victimization at the hands of other adults, which deeply wounds and warps their character. But you always have a choice. Millions of victims do not turn into monsters themselves.

It is possible to wield a sword with great compassion. Our society knows not this art, it is all moral outrage and the lynch mob, and then a return to our own banal pet depravities contemplated in our quiet souls. There is something to be said for the courage of a past type of man who was able to wield a keen fell sword, with compassion and sorrow in his heart. Who knew that saying of a Moroccan Sufi: “Compassion is to sharpen your sword well, so that when you are forced to use it, the one you slaughter feels no pain.”

You are complacent, and comfortable while monsters who you trusted rape your children. Once you discover this then comes the rage, then comes the horror, and the nausea. But pay attention, close attention, to the guilt.

We allowed this state of affairs to occur. We, as a people, as a society and collectivity, must end it.

Lest you pick on the Proles, here are some upper class boys having a bit of rape-and-fun at the middle school.

The point is this, we are becoming, step by step, immune to certain moral concerns that once upon a time formed rather common sense protective mechanisms in our society. This will continue to occur, whether by weight of social engineering, or our own mediocrity, until we wake up in a strange nightmare of incest, rape, and murder, and gaze out among the ruins wondering “what went wrong”.

There are few men capable of standing amidst the ruins, most of us are no longer lions, and are loosing any and all moral authority to lead our families and societies. The solution? Find your courage, and the ability to just say no to things that you, deep down inside, know are contemptable and wrong, but that are somehow socially fashionable.


Quotes of the day, Wed 10/14/09

Somewhat contradictory, meant to provoke some thought.

Quote 1.
“..A bad book is the worse that it cannot repent. It has not been the devil’s policy to keep the masses of mankind in ignorance; but finding that they will read, he is doing all in his power to poison their books..”
– John Kenneth Galbraith

Quote 2.
“..The tendency towards elitism and discrimination that accompany the importation of large amounts of labor in to small societies are easy to comprehend, as well, when you consider the mechanics. Think of the Gulf like a person both blessed and cursed to be born with silver spoon in his mouth–he has the world at his feet, but is impaired by poor life skills due to his never having having had to work normally for a living. In a lot of ways, he’s a victim of the situation, as well. And the social arrangement has all sorts of dysfunctional affects and complexes.
That doesn’t make such elitism any less disgusting..”
-Akram at Akram’s Razor

Quote 3.
“It is also important to recognize the element of will or drive in the definition of strength. Strength, by itself, is simply a quality or ability. Strength without drive is potential energy. It is a powerful engine that sits in a garage. Strength as an aptitude or ability exists independently of drive, but unless strength is exerted, its potential is never realized and cannot be properly appreciated. Strength without drive is wasted and has no impact on anything. A man must use his strengths, he must demonstrate them, for us to truly regard him as strong in any meaningful sense. The cowering hulk is weaker than the willful man who dominates him…

..Every masculine virtue is a demonstration or an acknowledgment of strength in some way. Cultures develop a variety of ways to acknowledge strength in men and either cultivate it or channel it for the benefit of the larger social group.”
Jack Donovan, on the topic of strength

Quote 4.
“….the term proletarian comes from the Latin proles and suggests the idea of an animalistic fertility. As Meroshkovski rightly noted, this term was applied especially to those whose only creative skill consisted of begetting children – these were men in body but eunuchs in spirit. In its logical development, this trend leads towards that “ideal” society in which there are no more classes, no men or women, but instead comrades, or asexual cells belonging to the same immense anthill”
-Julius Evola

My tiny prejudice against Twitter

The logo says it all.

It twits

It twits

Cute little fellow.  Ain’t it?

Why, it tweets, and it twits, and..

It’s a bird brain.

For the life of me I cannot take seriously a service that calls itself “twitter” that has a mascot like so –>

I can’t make myself do it. Are there marketing advantages? Is is fun? Of course. Granted in the middle ages one definition of the word fun was “the activity of fools” – but lord, I do like some fun now and then.

But I just can’t make myself do twitter yet. My prejudice, my loss. I have no doubt twitter’s a useful tool in the right hands.

I also have no doubt that tools such as twitter, SMS texts, and the like, can be outright pernicious in mischievous hands and that their general use can give you…

a bird brain

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