To speak truth, of pleasure and pain, and all the pretty little horses.

A lullaby goes;
Go to sleep, little baby.
And when you wake,
You shall have a cake,
And all the pretty little ponies.

All the pretty little ponies. All the pretty little horses. just go to sleep..

An old friend was chatting with me, while we sat in an old coffee shop. We’re talking about propaganda, we’re talking about people’s desire for simple things to listen to and believe in and hold onto. And he was pointing out to me a fatal flaw of mine, that of overcomplicating the truth.

Why is it that a simple lie may find more currency than a truth expressed in complicated terms?

Pain and pleasure. We avoid what causes pain. And oh, our lives are full of such dull sorrows and pains. And we yearn for those simple pleasures, we work and toil and then go home to our toys. Our drugs. Our booze. Our porn. Our sex. Our food.

Our TV. And it tells us such simple little things.

And then we go to sleep, and this we yearn for intensely.


Simple words soothe the mind and soul. Whether they are true or false. Complicated things ache the mind and soul.

Here is a power of persuasion, he or she who can master their words is not necessarily someone who uses pretty words, and high concepts expressed in high terms.

George Orwell and Winston Churchill both pointed out, about effective communication, that simple words penetrate the most.

So, if you want to speak or write truth, do yourself and others a favor and “keep it simple stupid,” as the saying goes.

Don’t get too artsy about it, is it about your ‘self expression‘ or is it about communicating a message?

Of course, a prerequisite is to actually know the truth. Much of the time we think we know the truth, a truth that we are aching and burning to tell the world, but we don’t really know the whole truth, or even an adequate part of it.


Sometimes what we think is true or think we know isn’t so. And sometimes, those truths that we think are in our deepest selves, are actually things whispered in our ears while we’re going to sleep..

While dreaming of pretty little horses.


4 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her. Tips on what to get your wife, mom, or lady.

Here is your last minute gift cheat-sheet. If you’re stumped, looking for last minute gift ideas for your mom, wife, girlfriend, or significant female, here are 7 suggestions that might work out well for you.

If you feel clueless about what to get the girl or women in your life, check out these gifts below and remember:

  • When she talks take mental notes. Pay attention a few weeks before a holiday or birthday listen closely to her, and keep your ears perked if she mentions anything she’s had her eyes on. Sometimes women intentionally drop subtle hints, sometimes it’s subconscious and unintentional. Either way, pay attention to her.
  • Think about what kind of person she actually is. How does she seem to see herself? All women want to feel like you pay attention to them and things they’re into. So think about her likes and dislikes, personality and interests. Make a cheat-sheet list of traits. Again, pay attention to her.
  • If you can find some way of personalizing or customizing the gift, try to do so. If a gift’s personalized, even with just a small special message, it shows you put extra thought into it.

That said, here are some last minute gift ideas for her, whoever she happens to be.

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2. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, And Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas. Hardcover it’s only $25 ($10.99 on Kindle), available at Amazon.
Last-minute gift idea for her, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, And Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas. This book suggestion comes from Lauren Conrad, (of fame).

In it, four French women give humorous yet honest insights into what they feel it really means to be Parisian, from how to dress, to advice on love, dieting, vintage shopping, and family.

  • Hardcover
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3. Michael Calore and Christina Bonnington writing at Wired suggest the Amazon Fire TV.
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They say it’s;

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4. Earmuffs –

The South Beach Blog and both recommend Earmufs, (among other things..) In fact, if you look around this season you’ll notice women everywhere wearing fun and quirky earmuffs. These ones not only keep her ears worm and cozy, but they reflect a quirky and cute personality.

Last-minute gift idea for her, Simplicity Women's Knitted Plush Earmuffs for the winter.
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Last-minute gift idea for her, N'Ice Caps Girls and Adults Faux Mink Trimmed Adjustable Ear Muffs.
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Novels, Romance, and Romans, oh my !

I’ve long kicked around the idea of writing a novel in Iambic Pentameter, the idea isn’t as nutty as it sounds. For one a few contemporary writers have written verse novels, like the late David Rakoff, whose “Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish is mostly in anapestic tetrameter, or Vikram Seth, whose novels are infused heavily with verse. His “The Golden Gate” is in iambic pentameter.

The idea seems funny, aren’t poetry and novels supposed to be separate?
Well, ask yourself, why?
Where does this assumption come from? Doubtless, few people in today’s world feel like wading through, say, Milton’s Paradise Lost but at one time verse, and poetry, were the queens of the literary world, both high and low. Broadsheet Ballads were the original English news papers, decades or perhaps even a century before the true rise of gazettes and journals.

Let’s consider this. The prose novel, as we know it today, is a rather new thing.
This is why, in fact, it’s called a novel in english, for it was a new and novel thing. They were also called Romances, a word that only survives today in Bodice and Panty Rippers churned out like candy, and devoured eagerly by educated and accomplished women all around the English speaking world as a naughty or guilty pleasure.

Originally all novels were Romances; or rather I should say and the Romance didn’t just deal with love, it dealt with war, adventures, all sorts of things. This notion survived on a bit even up until the 1960’s and early 70’s. Frank Yerby’s Gothic Romances were very much Male books. They could be read by women, and often were eagerly read by women, but the perspective of the central character was Male. The adventures were rugged, and he didn’t get one girl, rather he typically got two or more, of whom one would either survive (literally, death counts were a bit ghastly in some of these pulp paperback Romances) or be left as the one true love and right choice in the end.

The Romance in English is the Roman in French. The French prose Roman did inspire the first generation of English novelists, along with the translation of 1001 Arabian Nights, which in many ways more or less prefigured and inspired the Fantasy, Weird and Supernatural Tale (Lovecraft, and before him Poe, and even Lord Byron and others going before him were fascinated and heavily influenced by the 1001 Nights..)

Now the original Roman was in verse, they were poems, going back to the Roman de Rou and the Roman de Brut, in the earliest dim echos of Anglo-Norman literature. It is the Roman de Brut, which heavily borrowed from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Histria Regnum Britannia, which was responsible for popularizing the legend of King Author both among the French and English at the close of the Dark Ages and dawn of the High Middle Ages in the West.

All Romans at that time were poetry, often in an octosyllable meter, though sometimes in Alexandrines, at times rhyming, that new poetic device borrowed from Arab poetry, whose cultural influence gradually wafted North from Andalusia during the time of Muslim rule in Spain. But sometimes eschewing rhyme, Romans were crafted in a sort of blank verse.

A novel in Iambic Pentameter, in a way, is a return back to it’s origins. Or let’s say that stories, rather, narratives, when told in verse, are a return back to the origins of literary storytelling.


Musings, a Hadith, Fashion, Entertainment, Prostitution, Tinsel..

“..Look at these tears, tears of a clown
Look at these tears, oh they keep rolling down
Look at these tears, tears of a clown…” by Frankie J

Just some Inchoate musings on various things.

1. I was thinking about a hadith. In a narration from Amr Ibn Akhwas he relates that the Prophet(saws) commanded:
“Be kind towards your women. Take heed! You have rights over your women and your women also have rights over you.”

One notes that the command came first, before the justification of mutual reciprocity between men and women in terms of rights each has from the other, which of course suggests mutual reciprocity of duties. I think this is something that many of us men get sensitive about, the whole “nice guys get kicked to the curb” Line of thought. “Why be kind or nice, girls will just use you and step over you..”

I think Kindness and Niceness are somewhat different things, in English.
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2013 Insight One – Sex is Communication

(Re-edited due to typos) Sex is a form of Communication.

This isn’t a novel insight, it’s been made before. For that matter, so is handshaking, or kissing, or hugging, or patting one’s back. Indeed, throwing a punch to the face or a bottle over someone’s head is also a form of communication, but lets stick to Sex for now. Part of my writing this is clarifying the idea itself, in my mind. Because it’s part of a larger puzzle I have been considering. But for now, let’s look at the idea of Sex as Communication.

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